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freelance artist and illustrator
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about me

A bit of information about me and what I do.

pencils, mawashi-geris and stellar evolution
I am a UK-based freelance artist and illustrator, specialising in scientific and natural history illustration, as well as working in the worlds of science-fiction & fantasy. My style is detailed but also varied, encompassing visions of the future through to firey dragons; anatomically accurate images of flora and fauna and on to characterful portraits of pet animals.

My first commercial commission was for the renowned medical journal The Lancet; I provided the cover artwork for their end-of-year special issue celebrating the bicentennial of Charles Darwin's birth, as well as over a dozen black & white illustrations and a family tree. Since the issue's publication in late 2008 I have pursued a freelance career in illustration, leaving my full-time job in IT in March 2010 to concentrate on this fully.

In broad terms, I suppose you could say that my life has been influenced the most by three things; pencils, mawashi-geris and stellar evolution. The pencils are pretty self-explanatory, but in addition to my creative side I'm also driven by a strong interest in the sciences. I'm fascinated by space and the stars (one of the reasons I'm so enamoured with scientific illustration and science-fiction) and after completing my A-levels I followed an academic path, which led to me studying Astrophysics at Cambridge Unviersity. Stellar evolution was one of my best subjects and one of the most interesting to me, but the varied nature of the Natural Sciences Tripos meant that I was also able to study Geology and Chemistry. Whilst at university I joined the Karate club, which is where the mawashi-geris came in (it's a roundhouse kick, if you're wondering) and this was also where I met my future wife. After completing my degree I found myself, like most graduates, needing a job and I sort of fell into a career in IT. But I soon realised that something was missing and it was then that I started to pursue my life-long dream of becoming an artist and making a living from my creative pursuits.

It's taken a while to set me on my path, but my unusual background does give me a unique perspective and informs the artist that I've become. My analytical, logical nature and my scientific background, combined with my artistic abilities enables me to create accurate artwork and illustrations of animals and scientific concepts. My active imagination allows me to also create fantastical creatures and technological marvels.

When it comes to my art, I prefer to work using pencils and my beloved Wacom Cintiq graphics tablet coupled with Adobe Photoshop CS3. I have a great attention to detail and I always strive for perfection in my work. I'm constantly pushing myself to improve and explore new ideas.

Examples of my work can be found in the Portfolio. If you'd like to get in touch with me to discuss commissioning some work, please feel free to send me an e-mail and I would be very happy to discuss your requirements. I hope that you enjoy browsing this site and viewing my portfolio.